Spring Creative Project

The Spring Creative project is designed to encourage learning through a variety of modes that combine research, creative visual and performing arts, and public speaking. Students spend 40 hours and sometimes much more learning about and recreating an artifact, technology or art from a historic time period.  Students may choose any sort of artistic or design project that relates to our time period for the year. It may be: music, dance, design crafts, models of architecture or technology, woodworking. As much as possible, they use period materials and techniques. Students then prepare an illustrated speech explaining the processes they used, the history and historical significance of the craft they recreated. This speech is presented to guests from our school community.

Students projects have included: stained glass, reproduction of the Bayeux Tapestry, historic needlework, a working clock, forged knives, replica of historic mosaic, trestle table, period clothing, fox hole radio, blanket trunk, lute, trebuchets, historic games, performance of period music, an electric guitar, carved replica of Gothic architecture, Jazz composition, model of Wright Brothers plane, xylophone, working model of velociraptor, medieval book.

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