What to Expect: Third Grade

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We have chapel each school day. Chapel includes scripture memory, geographical prayer focus, and hymns.  We recite in chapel once each semester.

Special classes are P.E., Music, and Art.  We have P.E. daily.  We have music first semester and sing in the fall program.  We have art second semester culminating with the End of School Art Show.

We read Bible stories from The Jesus Storybook Bible and King James Version Bible

Bible study and memory includes: Old and New Testament survey, Psalms 46, Hebrews 10:22-24

Our science units based on Delta Science Modules include:

  • Earth Movements: Students learn about the earth through lab simulations of various kinds of earth movements.
  • Magnets: Students discover the Law of Magnetic Attraction and about the principles that govern magnetic behavior.
  • Electrical Circuits: Students learn about electricity and ways in which electricity and magnetism are related.

We read about Michael Faraday as an example of a scientist who followed Christ.

Teacher chapter book read alouds may include: The Story of Dr. DooLittle, Secrets of the Woods, English Faerie Tales, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Students also read the following Literature Circle books together at school: Because of Winn-Dixie, The Railway Children, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The poets that we study in third grade are: William Blake and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The stories of Shakespeare that we read are: Romeo and Juliet and As You Like It.

Parents of first through sixth graders read a variety of quality children’s literature selections each year.  We celebrate the completion of each book with a book party.  This year’s selections are Time Cat, Homer Price, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang and Quintus.

Language arts skills learned through First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease are:

  • Listening and reading comprehension
  • Dictation
  • Use the 8 parts of speech
  • Narration of lengthy stories
  • Apply capitalization and punctuation rules
  • Diagram sentences

We continue growth in spelling, reading, and writing by practice with all 70 phonograms, advanced phonograms, and all spelling rules. We practice cursive moving toward mastery in the third grade with New American Cursive curriculum.

In Math we use Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach3 A and 3 B.  We use a variety of “hands-on” experiences with manipulatives along with our unique calendar folders to help students grasp concepts from the concrete to the abstract.

We study the same historical time period as the rest of the school.  Our curriculum uses Story of the  World as a key text along with children’s literature and historical articles found online. Learning activities, memory work, and geography are part of our weekly routine. Each year we rotate through one of four time periods: Ancients, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern.

Daily, we spend 20-30 minutes outside, weather permitting. Each Third Grade student is asked to bring his own healthy snack every day.

Some of our field trips and special events may include:

  • Miller Springs Nature Park
  • Soda can flashlights
  • Salado Glassworks
  • Earth Science Week

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