The Providence Lamp-Post, September 18, 2017

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WHOLE SCHOOL NEWS Parent Conference Week coming October 3-5 Conferences are a great time for parents and teachers to renew strategic partnerships to help...   Read More

The Providence Lamp-Post, April 17

  Fun Lunch this Thursday We are looking forward to having a picnic outside across Pearl Street. (weather permitting) Dress: Jeans and Providence T-shirts...   Read More

Cheers to our co-teachers!

You have been faithfully reading lesson plans, preparing materials ahead, and patiently leading lessons this whole school year.  Maybe it’s time to take a...   Read More

In the Temple Daily Telegram: “Providence seniors present academic projects”

Read about the Senior Thesis Presentations in today’s newspaper: http://www.tdtnews.com/news/article_e8a567dc-047c-11e7-85f9-8380c99b7dbe.html  

Senior Thesis Week

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (Mar. 7-10), the Providence Seniors will be presenting their senior thesis papers. While we call them “Thesis Presentations,” but...   Read More

The Providence Lamp-Post, March 6

2017-18 Calendar You can find a one-page overview of next year’s calendar here. Like the last few years, we have a 34-week calendar, which...   Read More

“Do I really need to know this?”

We’ve all asked it, in one way or another: “Why do I need to know this?” “Am I really going to use this in...   Read More

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