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How to access lesson plans

Welcome back! You probably already have a printed lesson plan for the week that you received at Co-Teacher Training last week. If you’re new to the school, you’ll want to try out the process for accessing lesson plans, even if you already have them printed out.

For grades 5 and up, you’ll find links to the plans on the right sidebar. The Grammar School plans (6th and lower) are generally password protected, and you’ll find them on our school intraweb system, Sycamore Education. For this week, we’re also including 5th and 6th on the Lamp-Post due to some technical difficulties. For more information on accessing plans through Sycamore, please refer to the Family Handbook.

First Day of School, August  18th

Feel free to come to school a little early to help your younger students find their classrooms and get their materials set up. We’ll start chapel at 8:00.

“Kiss and Cry”: Meet and Greet Co-Teachers (Aug. 18, 8:15-9:00 am)

Co-teachers, join other co-teachers in the gym after chapel on the first day of school for some fellowship.  If you’re up for it, sign up here to bring some kind of food to share; if not, come by and visit anyway.  We’ll have some coffee and treats ready. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at school again – or for the first time!  

Back-to-School Bash

This year for our Rhetoric School Back to School Bash we are excited to be able to go to a local Christian campground near West the weekend of August 28-29th for a retreat.  Cost is $55.  Please let us know you are coming by printing, filling out, and returning the camper registration form by next Tuesday, August 25th.  


What: Providence's after school fitness program, CrossFit ProvPrep (aka "ProvFit")

Who: Available to all 9-12 grade students

When: Every T, TH, & F after school from 3:45-4:45, beginning August 18!!!

Where: In the FBC Belton gym (unless otherwise noted)

How much: $75 per student per semester, payable to Providence Preparatory School

Questions?: Contact Coach Hedderly (or any veteran of the program if you're just curious what it's like!)

(More on the next page)

Overview: CrossFit ProvPrep is a CrossFit affiliated kids program that uses elements of the CrossFit training methodology, tailored to children, pre-teens, and school-aged teens. The focus of this after-school program is Rhetoric School (9th-12th Grades). The intent of the program is to develop in these young athletes a broad, general, and inclusive fitness prowess that is potent and readily applicable to any sport demand the athlete may endeavor. It is an additional aim that participants develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to continue a lifetime of fitness, even (and especially) when the team sports paradigm fades away after time. The training protocol focuses on those movements the human body is designed to perform that are unique in their capacity to express power, i.e. "functional movements." These movements will be practiced, honed, and incorporated in various ways into a workout of the day, or "WOD.”  Training ranges from endurance to Olympic weightlifting, to gymnastic movements, and a few things in between. Don't forget to bring some water!

sydney - house howdy.jpg

Wilberforce House Members at the Aug. 13 House Howdy.

We welcomed 34 new students, grades 5 through 11, to our houses.

Trying and Failing at Family Devotions

This year, you’ll notice that the lesson plans link you to something called the “Chapel Handbook,” which includes some familiar things from the Providence morning chapel. You’ll see the school-wide Scripture memorization (we’re starting with the second half of Psalm 19 in King James Version) and the “Geography Prayer” focus (we’ll be working through Europe this year, starting with Italy this week). You’ll also see what we call the Bible Truth Sound-Off (attributes of God), and a prayer, usually related to the sound-off or some other part of the Chapel focus. And we’ll include a few other things as well – maybe some related art or music. You may find it helpful to incorporate these things into your family devotions, but you may not want to include all of them (we hope that you’ll at least pray for your day for others at Providence!)

Tim Challies has written a couple of helpful articles on family devotions. The first is his honest reflections on how his own family has done devotions, and the second considers reasons why families try and fail at family devotions. There’s a good chance that you’ll be re-orienting to school this week, so you may want to bookmark these articles and read them once you have your sea-legs.

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