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Fun Lunch February 14th

Attire: Wear red, pink or your Providence shirt and jeans

Lunch: Pizza and carrots

Brownies for upper school (5th-12th)

Parties for lower school (PreK-4th)

Fun Lunch Upstairs Volunteers

Fun Lunch Downstairs Volunteers

What’s Brewing with Mr. Billman February 16th

Plan to join us for some coffee and discussion about what is coming up at Providence in the next few months. We’ll meet in the gym from 8:20 – 9:00 a.m.  This is a great time to connect with other co-teachers and ask questions.  Hope to see you there!

Providence Prayer Team Meets February 21st

No tryouts necessary. All are welcome! We’ll meet in the library meeting room near the Pearl Street foyer after chapel for a time of scripture-based prayer for our teachers, students, and school.

Questions? Contact Amy Hale at
Matthias Lease, Daniel Manning, and Grant Woelke enjoy carrots at the 4th Grade Rabbit Hill Potluck last Thursday.


Re-enrollment Update

Please return re-enrollment forms to save your child’s spot for next year.  As grade levels fill we will begin waiting lists. Pre-K is filled with a waiting list and a couple of other classes are close.

“How do I pay my registration fees?”

Glad you asked! The 2017-2018 registration fees are $400 for the first student, $200 for each additional student until March 21st, when the fees go up $50 per student. Fees are paid directly to the school by cash or check, and are NOT auto-drafted through FACTS. If you are paying monthly through FACTS, remember, no tuition will be drafted in the month of March to allow room in your budget for re-enrollment. Questions? Just ask!

February Upcoming Events

14 – Valentine’s Day and Fun Lunch

16 – What’s Brewing with Mr. Billman  

21 – Providence Prayer Team

      6th-8th grade spelling bee

      Speech Meet begins in classrooms

23 – Stay and Play

24 – BoxTops competition ends

28 – Speech Meet Finals, Day 1

March Upcoming Events               2 – Speech Meet Finals, Day 2

3 – Bell County History Museum field trip for grades 1-4 and families

7 – Shepherding a Child’s Heart Book Club

And many others including…

Spring Fest…March 31st!

Heart the Cart ‘17 Winners

The 2017 Upper School Heart the Cart fest, held on Friday, Feb. 10, was a truly awesome spectacle in honor of the humble cart, the Providence Upper School preferred mode of school supply conveyance.  This year’s festival included rapturous odes and sonnets, including the 9th-12th winner John Fasolino’s epic poem saluting his trusty two-wheeled companion, Old Blue (5 pts for Augustine) and 5th-8th grade winner 5th grader Miriam Kellar’s song to carts, which she accompanied with ukulele (5 pts for Wilberforce). Mrs. Glenn designed an epic all-upper-school cart challenge course that was held during lunch; judges are still sorting out the results. And this year’s cart decorations included some of the best entries ever, as you can see below.

1st Place “Salute to New Zealand”

Bella Murrah, 5th Grade

Augustine House

8 points

2nd Place “Gotham City”

Cameron Stacey, 8th Grade

Wilberforce House

5 points

3rd Place “Libby’s Frozen Yogurt”

Libby Smith, 6th Grade

Bonhoeffer House

4 points

Honorable Mention “Wilbur-Force”

Jonathan Salmon, 5th Grade

Wilberforce House (the pig is the mascot of Wilberforce)

3 Points



SING: Hymn of the week: What Wondrous Love is This



Focus Country of the Week: Guadeloupe

Challenge for prayer: The terrible legacy of slavery has left its mark in the constant and huge disparity (unevenness) between rich and poor, as well as in the lack of meaningful marriage relationships. Over 40% of households have only one parent; 90% of these are led by the mother. Racial tension and class envy are other marks left by slavery’s long history. Pray that the gospel may transform and uplift this society.


Scripture Memory: Romans 3:22b-23: There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.



Tuesday, Feb. 14 Reading in morning chapel: Jesus Feeds Five Thousand People, John 6:1-14

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why were so many people following Jesus?
  2. How did Jesus feed all the thousands of people?
  3. How does Jesus feed and nourish us today, both physically and spiritually?
Wednesday, Feb. 15 Reading at home: Jesus Walks on Water, Matt. 14:22-33

Jesus Storybook Bible (2nd/3rd gr.): “Filled full!”

Discussion Questions:

  1. What could be some of the reasons Jesus wanted to be alone to pray? (Jesus came to die on the cross, yet the crowd wanted to make him king. That may have provided a temptation for Jesus. Instead of turning to the people, Jesus turned to the Father.)
  2. Why did Peter sink? (At first Peter walked on the water like Jesus did. But he began to sink when his gaze shifted from Jesus to the waves. As long as he trusted in Jesus, he didn’t sink.)
  3. What did Peter cry out to Jesus as he began to sink? (“Lord, save me!”)
  4. What did the disciples do when Jesus got back in the boat? (They worshiped Jesus as God.)
  5. Why was it important that Jesus be both a man and God? (Jesus had to be a man to die for our sins, and he had to be God to live a perfect life and then rise from the dead.)


Thursday, Feb. 16 Reading in morning chapel:  Jesus is the Bread of Life, John 6:25-59

Friday, Feb. 17 Reading at home: review yesterday’s chapel, or go ahead to Monday’s reading.
Monday, Feb. 20 Reading at home: The Transfiguration, Mark 9:2-13

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does the transfiguration tell us about Jesus? (It shows us that Jesus was God and was all-powerful. It also shows us that, although Jesus set aside the full measure of his glory to become a man, he never lost his glory.)
  2. Who appeared with Jesus during the transfiguration? (Moses and Elijah)
  3. Can you remember something that Moses or Elijah did? (Parents, you can remind your children about the Exodus — Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea. For Elijah, there is the story about how he helped the widow, whose flour and oil didn’t run out because she was willing to give him the last of her food.)
  4. The disciples didn’t know what rising from the dead meant. What was Jesus talking about? (Parents, this may be an obvious question for us, but it’s good to have our children repeat the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. See if they can tell you the story of what happened.)

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