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It’s almost time! Each Spring, we spend part of a Friday at Heritage Park in Belton for a school-wide outing (families included). This year’s Spring Fest will have a colonial flavor.
The morning (9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) will focus on activities for lower school, and we’ll have a number of colonial-era activities such as Quoits (ring toss), Battledores/Badminton, Rolling Hoops, Blind Man’s Bluff, “Paul Revere’s Ride” (fun relay race), Scotch-hoppers (colonial hopscotch), Graces (a tossing game), Rounders (the original baseball), and classic running races. We’ll also have a couple of big bounce house inflatables available throughout the day.
The Upper School House Games will be in the afternoon (Noon to 3 p.m.) The games this year will focus on five activities that will test each house’s agility, creativity, teamwork, strength, and house spirit.
House Members: Please be on the lookout for an email to sign up to bring supplies for the games and for snack and drinks. We will also need one tent per house.
Lunch will be catered by Dave’s Burger Barn. Please bring $5 for each hamburger meal and $3 for each hotdog meal.
We are requesting a few volunteers to help with bringing coolers with ice, food ticket sales and collecting tickets.  Click here to sign up to bring coolers or help with tickets.  Thank you!

Stay and Play

Co-teachers with preschoolers are invited to a play date on the playground tomorrow morning after chapel.  We’d love to see you there!

2017-18 Teaching Positions

Know someone interested in teaching that

  • Loves teaching
  • Is a lifelong learner
  • Desires to work part-time?

If so, Providence has a few positions available for the 2107-18 academic year (mainly due to adding a couple of sections) including:

  • Grammar School
  • Spanish (1-2 periods)
  • Latin (1-2 periods)
  • Physics (1 period)
  • Secondary Math (1-2 sections)
  • Earth Science (2 periods)
  • Electives, possibly tech/programming related (1-2 periods)

Interested applicants may contact for more information. And they should check out our employment page for requirements:

Loose Change to Loosen Chains

Inspired by William Wilberforce, boys and girls are having a contest throughout March to see who brings in the most change to help rescue people from slavery.  Feel free to empty your change containers and join in! Change containers are in the large worship center foyer and every little bit helps. Learn more here: LC2LC.

Coming March Events:

21 – Stay and Play

23 – Thursday What’s Brewing with Mr. Billman (Gym after Chapel)  

25 – Temple Daily Telegram Spelling Bee

28 – Shepherding A Child’s Heart Book Club

30 – Concordia Concert (Chapel, 7 pm, free)

31 – Spring Fest

Matthias Lease, pictured with Texas Rep. Hugh Shine. A few weeks ago, Mr. Shine met with Matthias and others to discuss what is and what isn’t working in schools in Texas.

Central Texas Incredible Kid: Matthias Lease

Providence Fourth Grader Matthias Lease has been chosen to be honored as a Central Texas Incredible Kid at the 2017 Central Texas Incredible Kids Celebration sponsored by the Central Texas Youth Coalition. Matthias was nominated by Fourth Grade teacher, Christy Porterfield.

Matthias will receive a plaque and a $100 gift card at an April 3rd luncheon at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton. Congratulations, Matthias!

Lost and Found

That thing you’re missing? We found it! (This pile is larger than it appears.) We will have a display of lost and found items in the hall by the school office (room 240) this week. Items not claimed by May 11 will be given to charity or sold and proceeds donated to the school.

Used Laptop Donation

We are hoping to acquire a classroom set of laptops for next year — do you have a used, working laptop that you would be willing to donate to Providence? Our goals with the laptops would be for typing instruction (likely fifth or sixth grade), and for other various computer skills and needs (i.e. research skills). We’d love to have 16 PC laptops, with the following basic specs:

  • able to effectively run Windows 8 or 10
  • Pentium® or AMD Athlon™ Processor,
  • 1 GB RAM minimum
  • 5 GB of free hard disk space minimum
  • Video Card & Sound Card

Donations may be placed in the school office.

Providence Parents’ Survey

We appreciate your feedback on your experience at Providence this year. Your ideas and opinions are important to us, and we welcome your honest and constructive feedback.  Please complete one survey for each child you have at Providence. You can find the survey here.

Summer Rhetoric Student Opportunities

Preparing for Easter

Starting this week, Bible reading passages will focus on the Passion. Tuesday’s reading will concern the Triumphal Entry, and Scripture on the death and resurrection of Jesus will continue until Easter. We hope that you’ll read and discuss these passages of Scripture as a family. There are questions and some example answers below for “home day” readings, but you may also want to review the readings from our morning assemblies on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


SING: Hymn of the week: Jesus Paid It All (YouTube video with lyrics – careful!)


Focus Country of the Week: Paraguay

Challenges for prayer: Operation World: Paraguay still suffers from the effects of two centuries of devastating wars and bad government. The nation’s progress has been hindered by the failure of its leaders to govern, through corruption or outright folly. Thankfully, there are politicians on the scene today who seem to be dedicated to changing that. Pray for them, that they might establish a legacy of uprightness and wisdom for the sake of Paraguay’s suffering people.

Scripture Memory:Romans 3:22b-25: There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, [23] for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, [24] and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. [25] God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his blood—to be received by faith. He did this to demonstrate his righteousness, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished


Tuesday, Mar. 21 Reading in morning chapel: The Triumphal Entry, Matt. 21:1-11

Discussion Questions:

  1. What did Zechariah prophesy was going to happen in Jerusalem many years later?
  2. What did the crowds of people do when they saw Jesus riding on the donkey towards Jerusalem?
  3. If Jesus is our King and our Savior, how should we respond to him?
Wednesday, Mar. 22 Reading at home: Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet, John 13:1-20

The Big Picture Bible: “Jesus Wears God’s Kingly Crown”

Jesus Storybook Bible: “The Servant King”

Discussion Questions:

  1. Who washed the dirty feet that evening during the Passover meal? (Jesus washed the disciples feet)
  2. Who should have offered to wash the feet? (The disciples should have washed each other’s feet or at least offered to wash Jesus’ feet when they first came in the room to eat.)
  3. Why didn’t Peter want Jesus to wash his feet? (Peter probably felt that Jesus, the teacher, should not be washing feet.)
  4. What did Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet point to? (Jesus’s washing of the disciples’ feet point to Jesus’ washing the disciples’ sins away by dying on the cross.)
  5. What can we learn from Jesus’ example? (Even though Jesus, King of kings, was the greatest person at the Passover meal, he was willing to serve everyone. If Jesus can serve, then we should serve one another, too.)
  6. What are some ways you could be a servant at home? (Parents, draw your children out here and then help them put their ideas into practice.)

Thursday, Mar. 23 Reading in morning chapel:  The Lord’s Supper, Luke 19:28-38; 22:7-20

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why was the Passover meal important to the Jewish people?
  2. How did Jesus change the meaning of the bread and the cup?
  3. Why do we celebrate the Lord’s Supper today?
Friday, Mar. 24 Reading at home: Review or make-up reading from earlier in the week.
Monday, Mar. 27 Reading at home: Peter Denies Jesus / A Dark Night in the Garden, Mark 14:26-72

Jesus Storybook Bible: “A Dark Night in the Garden”

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why was Jesus so sad? (Jesus was sad because of his death was soon to come. He knew that he would suffer and die on the cross, and that God the Father was going to punish him for our sins.)
  2. What did Jesus ask his Father to remove or take away? (Jesus said that if possible he wanted God the Father to remove the cup — the cup of God’s wrath — from him. But Jesus also said that he didn’t want the cup removed for his own sake, only if it were what God the Father wanted.)
  3. What was evil about Judas’s kiss? (Judas used this sign of love and affection to betray Jesus. It was a betrayal that led to Jesus’ death)
  4. Why did Jesus allow himself to be taken prisoner when he had the power to escape? (It was time for Jesus to die. He gave himself up and died for us so we could be forgiven. However, Hebrews 12:2 tells us that, in his suffering, Jesus was looking forward with joy to something–to the day when those he came to bring into his family would be fully redeemed.)
  5. What made the high priest so upset? (Jesus claimed equality with God. By calling himself the Christ and the Son of Man, Jesus was saying that he was equal with God.)
  6. What punishment did the religious leaders say Jesus should get? (They said he should die.)
  7. Whom do you know how, like the religious rulers, still does not believe that Jesus is God? (Parents, helps your children think about their friends and family who do not believe in Jesus.)

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