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2018 Graduation Ceremony

Friday, May 18, 7 pm, First Baptist Church Belton (Sanctuary)

Providence families, no matter the age of your children, we hope you’ll join us this Friday for our commencement exercises. (We love to have our upper school students sit together by House.) This is the culminating event of the year, as we celebrate seven outstanding graduates. You can read more about them in the Senior Spotlight section of this newsletter.


This picture is from last night’s Senior Blessing ceremony, where parents of seniors read letters to their children. A special evening.


2018-19 Preparing For Fall

Our goal with this document is to have a central document with most of the practical things you’ll need for the next school year. You’ll find information about tuition, August Co-Teacher Training, the basic calendar, uniforms and dress code, school supplies, the new booklist, summer academic prep, immunizations/screenings/medical conditions, 10th-12th foreign language registration, and some info about the summer. It’s a lot of information as it’s meant to be a central resource — not something you need to digest all at once. You might want to first check out p. 2, which summarizes updates to this year’s “Preparing For Fall.”


Link to Preparing for Fall 2018-19


Jeans and Providence T-Shirt day on May 17

You’ll still need to bring your lunch, but you can be dressed casually while you eat it.

Summer Art Opportunity with Mrs. Riddle

Parents, are you looking for some enriching activities for your children for the summer?  Check out Mrs. Riddle’s art camps at

Lost and Found

We will have tables set up at the south entrance on Tuesday and Thursday with the MOUNDS of lost and found jackets, water bottles, and lunch boxes that we have been collecting this year. Please stop and take a look! Any item not claimed by Thursday will be sold or donated to charity.


Thank you for the Faculty Appreciation Lunches                      Wow! You overwhelmed our faculty and staff with the delightful lunches you provided last week. The warmth and respect between our families and faculty is truly one of the best things about our school.  You make collaboration possible and we are deeply grateful for all of the many ways you support our faculty.


Medication, Epi-Pens, Immunizations, and more

All medications and Epi-pens will be sent home on the last day of school. They will be sent in student backpacks and carts unless other arrangements are made. If your student will not be present for the last day of school, please come by the office to pick them up, as no medications will be stored on campus over summer.


Also, as your students have doctor’s visits over the summer, remember to obtain current copies of immunization records, updated prescriptions, along with any action plans/doctor’s orders for medications/Epi-pens that may need to be administered on campus during the coming school year. Such medical forms for next year may be found in the Preparing for Fall document linked earlier in this newsletter.



End of Year Class Parties Thursday for Lower School

Please check grade level announcement pages for details on times and ways you can help.

Co-teacher Help Needed

We’re almost there! Please take a moment in the mornings this week to remind students to continue to do their best in their schoolwork and in their interactions with friends at school.  It feels great to finish well, doesn’t it?! You’ve done an amazing job teaching your children this year! Well done!

Nature Journals/Sketchbooks For 2018-19

We’d like students to continue using their current sketchbooks, passing them from year to year, to show the progression of drawing and observation skills.  Our teachers will return sketchbooks to students who will not be returning next year, but will keep the sketchbooks over the summer for students who will be returning.  Returning students will not need to purchase a new sketchbook.


Looking for a Few Good Men(tors)

Do you remember how it felt to be new to Providence?  Are you willing to spend some time helping a new co-teacher find her/his way?  We are looking to match experienced co-teacher and student pairs with new co-teachers and students to help ease the transition for new families into Providence life.  If you are interested in befriending a new family or want to ask questions about this opportunity to serve, please email and let Annette know.  This document explains what we are asking of our mentor families.



Attire for Rising Senior Breakfast on Thursday

Juniors and Seniors, please dress nicely on the last day of school — “Sunday best”: slacks, collared shirts, skirts, or dresses. You do not have to wear your uniform, but you are welcome to do so.

Rhetoric School Finals Schedule

Here are the dates for testing days; and contact your teacher if you have other questions.

Link to May 2018 Finals Schedule

Graduation Rehearsal

After the Rising Senior breakfast on Thursday, in the main sanctuary.

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