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Historical and Literary Figure Dress-Up Day, this Thursday Oct. 27

Some reminders:

  • Please wear historical and literary character costumes that aren’t scary.
  • If you don’t wish to dress up, wear your uniform.
  • Leave your weapons at home.

Family Picture Directory – Take 2

Last Spring, we asked you to submit a family picture so that we could create a Providence Photo Directory. A number of you did so, and this summer we set to create the directory. Well, I (Mr. Billman) somehow deleted them. Argh!

We would like to try this again, so we would appreciate you emailing a family picture with the names of each family member pictured. If you have non-Providence children, we would love to have them included as well.

This time, please email them to (and avoid Mr. Billman’s photo album ineptitude!) before Thanksgiving.  

Fun Lunch this Thursday

We’ll serve pizza, carrots, and a baked treat. Please check in to see if you signed up to work with Fun Lunch.  Don’t see an open space to serve?  Email

for additional lunch service opportunities.  

Fun Lunch: Upstairs

Fun Lunch: Downstairs

Aluminum Cans for Hope for the Hungry

Hope for the Hungry collects used aluminum cans and uses the money to help fund an orphanage in Haiti. If you would like to participate, the next pick-up day is Tuesday, Nov. 1. If you’d like to help, simply bring your bag of cans with you on Tuesday, Nov. 1 to the normal entrance / drop-off area on 5th St, and there will be a designated zone or pick-up truck where you can toss in bags of cans. Thanks for considering helping this orphanage!  

ERB Standardized Testing begins next week

2nd-4th grades: November 3rd and 8th 5th-9th grades: November 3rd, 8th and 10th

Box Tops Wrap Up

The competition has come to an end and we are in the process of finalizing the count for each class.  We’ll announce the winners in Chapel on Tuesday.  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause!

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