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Parent Conference Week

You’ll find here a link to parent-teacher conference sign-up sheets.  Scroll through the tabs at the bottom of the screen to find each teacher’s sign up sheet. You can type on this document, so enter your last name in an open BLUE cell to sign up for a conference slot (one slot per student).
Due to varying schedules, especially in Upper School, time slots will vary from teacher to teacher. We realize it might be difficult to schedule meetings with various teachers due to schedule conflicts. If you wish to meet with a teacher but there is not a time slot you can attend, please contact the teacher to set up an appointment for another day.
Conferences are a great time for parents and teachers to renew strategic partnerships to help students thrive academically.  Constructive feedback from both parties enriches the school experience for our students. We’re praying that this week’s conferences provide clear direction and refreshed cooperation with your children’s teachers.

After School Recess Releases from Chapel this Week

Please come to the chapel to pick up students from After School Recess this week only.  We are staying clear of classrooms so they may be used for conferences.  Thank you!

BoxTops Update

Wow!  The Tops are coming in and the numbers are adding up.  Augustine House is in the lead for the Upper School with 1,873 Tops, and Mrs. Sandbakken’s class leads the Lower School with 286.  We’ll keep the collecting and tallying your submissions through Friday, October 21st.  Please keep the Tops coming in!

Math in Focus Observation Day October 6th

This is a great time for you to see the flow of a math lesson within the classroom and gain some teaching strategies for your home day. Please make arrangements for younger siblings and do not interact with your child during the lesson.  Most math classes take place from 8:20-9:30, but Mrs. Lehmann, Mrs. Kessler, and Mrs. Porterfield have additional times for math. Have more than one student?  Feel free to move from class to class during the 8:20-9:30 a.m. math time.


Due to needs of church members, we will likely need to reserve at least a couple more of the handicap parking spots along 5th St. (unless you have a handicap tag). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Health news from our school nurse

Autumn is finally upon us.  The weather is cooling off, and all things pumpkin are back.  It’s important to remember that the flu is back also.  There have already been flu cases in central Texas, so it’s important to be smart about staying healthy.  Make sure you are washing your hands, getting plenty of rest, and eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system strong.  Flu vaccines are now available, and Scott and White has several vaccination clinics (no appointment needed).  You can visit for times and locations.  Adults can get vaccinated at many area pharmacies too.

Please keep your children at home if they are running a fever.  Also, we will not be handing out any ibuprofen or acetaminophen unless your student has a current provider’s note as these medications can mask flu symptoms.  If your child is coughing and running a fever at school we will ask him/her to put on a face mask and remain in the office while they wait to be picked up.  This will minimize spread between students.  Flu symptoms are: fever (or feeling feverish/having chills), body aches, cough, sore throat, headache, and fatigue.

Remember that most people do not experience all these symptoms, so please stay at home if you think flu is a possibility.  The Center for Disease Control also has excellent information on their website,

Please contact me if you have any questions,
Rachel Traweek, MSN, RN

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