2018 Presentation of Senior Theses

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506 North Main Street, Belton, Texas

First Baptist Church of Belton

Thursday March 8, 2018

4:00-6:15 pm


Erika Hall

“Let’s Talk About It: How Language Influences Our Understanding of God’s Word”

Examining current linguistic theory, Erika’s thesis explores the implications of meaning lost in translation between languages, specifically relating to scriptural translations and the inherent dangers therein. She suggests ways that hermeneutics can offer students the foundation to interpret scripture accurately.

McKinley Kasberg

“A Rhetorical Nightmare: A Little Bird Telling Us To Correct Presidential and Contemporary Communication”

McKinley discusses changing formats of mass communication, specifically how Presidents employ rhetorical strategies to communicate with and influence the public. She examines how the shift to social media has altered presidential rhetoric, and how Classically-trained students can learn to distinguish truth from fallacy.

Maddie Bowers

“Learn to Discern: The Lost Beauty of Socioeconomic Diversity in Classical Education”

Maddie rethinks the implications of socioeconomic diversity on American Classical schools.

Arguing that diversity is demonstrative of God’s beauty, goodness, and truth, she presents

a case for how Providence can take steps to promote diversity.

Whit Palmer

“Putting the Wild Back in Your Child: Improving Education through Outdoor Experience”

Whit’s thesis investigates the decrease in time spent outdoors by today’s children. Since children spend a large percentage of their time at school, Whit proposes incorporating outdoor activities during school and using school as a platform to inspire children to experience nature for themselves.

Friday March 9, 2018

4:00-5:30 pm

4:00 – Kris Einboden

“Auschwitz: The Ignored, Forgotten, and Overlooked”

Kris’ thesis evaluates the U.S. government’s disacknowledgement of Hitler’s notorious death camp, arguing that knowledge of the Holocaust should have prompted a different military response. He proposes a modification of government retaliation to genocide and how we, as individuals, can help.

4:30 – John Fasolino

“There’s No Time For a Break: Can Resistance Training Slow the Loss of Bone Mineral Density and Prevent Osteoporosis?”

John’s thesis examines the effect of resistance training on Bone Mineral Density in adolescents aged 13-18 years old. His research demonstrates that early training habits impact later loss of BMD and can potentially prevent osteoporosis. He proposes solutions to improve adolescent health, increasing longevity and quality of life.

5:00 – Taylor Eastes

“Finding a Cure: Possible Change for Group Purchasing Organizations”

Taylor’s thesis identifies business practices that block pharmaceutical competition and keep drug prices high, specifically the GMO organizations acting as middlemen between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. He proposes solutions to assist in lowering the prices of American medications.

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