Annual Fund Campaign

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Dear Friends:

Awe. Wonder. Amazement. Whatever your favorite word for it is, it’s at the forefront of everything we do at Providence. From faculty professional development, down to pre-K instruction, we aim to inspire and nurture the awe of a sovereign, creative God by learning about the world that He made.  

All truth is God’s truth. All goodness is God’s goodness. All beauty is God’s beauty. When we teach our students these essential tenets, they learn to look to God as the source of everything that blows them away.

There is perhaps no discipline more aptly suited to the cultivation of wonder than science. Studying the natural world captures our minds as we marvel at the engineering behind our brains, a waterfall, or a chemical reaction.

In my own life as a scientist, God has revealed Himself not only in how fearfully and wonderfully we are made, but in all of the natural universe. The more I study science and the beauty of God’s creation, the more my faith is strengthened. That’s why my wife, Dayna, and I are proud to chair this year’s Annual Fund campaign, which will furnish a classroom for science laboratory experiments.  

Charlotte Mason said, “Every common miracle which the child sees with his own eyes makes of him for the moment another Isaac Newton.” In the classroom, I see first-hand the difference in how hands-on learning impacts my students’ learning versus through their textbooks. 

It’s not practical to learn every concept in a laboratory, but, with the right equipment, we can greatly augment our excellent science program here at Providence.  What’s more, these materials will go with us to our next facility, wherever that may be.  Students of all ages will benefit from the science room.  

As a fellow steward of God’s grace, I am asking you to join me in prayerfully considering how He would have you give to the Annual Fund. He has blessed me by giving me the opportunity to serve Him at Providence and I am joyfully giving as He has led me.  Your donation shows our faculty and administration that you’re behind us, believing in our vision of academic discipleship through Christian, classical, collaborative education.

On behalf of the Providence faculty, staff and board, we thank God for you.  It is our prayer that God uses the Christmas season to bring you wonder anew at His indescribable gift – reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.


Dayna and Jeff Browning, Ph.D.

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