End of School Celebration Parade

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Laughter floated from car windows, streamers and balloons waved buoyantly, celebratory music rang out, and a few tears of both elation and loss were shed as our Providence family came together to mark the end of the school year. The reverse parade on May 15 reunited students, families, and faculty as we sought to process the joyous peaks and uncertain valleys of an interrupted spring semester. Teachers arrived early to set up decorated parking space displays that allowed them to bid students a warm goodbye and return schoolwork while still maintaining the required social distance. Parents and students decorated their vehicles for a festive car parade through the faculty area. As the cars entered through a large balloon arc showcasing our school colors, many held up handmade signs congratulating teachers and administrators on a job done with excellence, even in the midst of huge unexpected challenges. 

The Providence seniors showed off their own elaborate tailgate displays featuring childhood memorabilia, college logos, personalized decorations, and many bright hopes for the future. Friends, family, and faculty drove through to wish them well and spend time reminiscing. A few tears were shed, and more than a few laughs were shared as we gathered to commend and commemorate the senior class of 2020. The Providence end of school celebration was a significant milestone, notable in the joy and hope our school family displayed to each other and to the surrounding community.

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