Humanities Creative Projects

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The spring creative project is designed to be an exploration of the history and culture of a specific time period through a variety of media. Usually, each student presents his or her project to a live audience. This year, students had to upload all their documents to Google classroom and video their presentation. However, that did not deter our rhetoric students from pouring hours (forty, to be exact) of time, effort and talent into their projects. 

As students try to recreate the processes and arts of the past, they intuitively begin to understand the people of the historical time period better. In addition, students develop skills in the arts and crafts, learn to manage their time for long-term projects, and learn to write and deliver a public speech. This year’s projects included a hand-crafted harp, an exploration of Venitian glassmaking, and a closer look at Renaissance Art, just to name a few. Watch these videos of a couple of our favorite presentations!

Caleb Marek
Caleb Porterfield

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