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Providence’s newly-founded Poetry Club is a wonderful opportunity for upper school students to gather and discuss quotes and poems in a friendly extracurricular setting. Our discussions have ranged from heavier topics, like the moral implications of literary works and universal beliefs held by society, to lighter topics like what kind of cloud is the best kind and why grandparents are so cool. We share with each other the works we find outside of school, as well ones we have created ourselves with no expectations or pressure. 

Seniors Justin Demsky and Sarah Menn enjoy a poem with
Dr. Doug Claybrook, sponsor of the Poetry Club.

Usually we center our discussions around ideas rather than a single poem. Most of the poems we discuss are actually written by the members of Poetry Club, so in many of our meetings, we explore ideas and topics that are more relatable for us students, and we often set up a theme/prompt that we can write about and share at the next meeting. Besides discussing our own work, we also discuss the work of others. Recent poems discussed include “There is Another Sky” by Emily Dickinson, “Members of the Tribe” by Mary Oliver, and assorted poems by Rupi Kaur. Many of our discussions have also led in the directions of books, so we have covered the works of Leo Tolstoy, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Mark Twain to name a few. Poetry Club is a friendly environment for students to open up and engage in meaningful conversation about the joys that God has given us in this world and where exactly we can find and appreciate it in everyday life. 

Sophomores Macy Ziehr and Audrey Morrison share their thoughts about the others’ poems.

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