Rock Ceremony (4th and 8th)

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Donuts with Dads will be the morning of February 20th, 8:00 to 8:30. Our 4th and 8th graders will split-off for special, simple “Rock Ceremonies.” (Donuts for Dads is for ALL Providence Dads, but this ceremony will be separate for these two grade levels.)

In Joshua 3-4, God caused the waters of the Jordan River to stop flowing and to rise up in a heap, so the people were able to cross the river on dry ground. When everyone reached the other side, God told Joshua to have one man from each of the 12 tribes pick up a stone from the river, and then Joshua set up these stones as a memorial–a reminder of God’s love and mercy. Many years later, when the people of Israel walked by the memorial, God wanted them to tell their children how God had kept all his promises. 

This passage of Scripture is the inspiration for the Rock Ceremony for our 4th and 8th Graders. Parents will select a stone and write/etch on it one character trait that they have seen the Lord grow in their child over the course of that year. Fathers will then briefly explain (to other students and parents in the class) how the trait was chosen. The rock, then, serves as a reminder to what God has done in the lives of our 4th and 8th graders. Why 4th and 8th? These grades serve as final years before a big transition (into 5th grade upper school, and into 9th grade Rhetoric (High) School.) This is a great opportunity for fathers to publicly encourage, acknowledge, and bless their children. 

What do I write on the rock? Probably just a word, like shown in the picture. You might want to include a Scripture reference. This is a trait that you have seen the Lord grow in your child over the past year. Need ideas? Here is a chart with some character traits, but be encouraged to think beyond this list. Note: it probably is a good idea to write the grade of the child and the date or year presented (maybe on the back, if you like).

What kind of rock should I use? While we don’t want to over-regulate this, it’s probably wise to choose something big enough to write on, but something that could be held in your hand. You can find a rock anywhere; your child may even want to pick it out. 

How do I write on the rock? You can use a permanent marker, paint, etch, nail polish – anything, really. 

What will I say at the ceremony? It will be you and some other families from the child’s class in a classroom setting. We’d like for your comments to be brief, around 30 seconds, where you simply explain why you chose the trait that you did. 

What if Dad can’t come? We hope that mom or another close relative would be able to present the rock.

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