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On May 18, we’ll celebrate seven accomplished graduates, and we are so proud of them!

Maddie Bowers

Maddie is the daughter of Chase and Laura Bowers.  She will be studying international studies at the University of Arkansas Honors College.  Maddie says, “I love the close community we have at Providence, and the ways it has shaped me to be able to think critically and communicate well.”  Maddie’s thesis abstract:

“Learn to Discern: The Lost Beauty of Socioeconomic Diversity in Classical Education”

Maddie rethinks the implications of socioeconomic diversity on American Classical schools.

Arguing that diversity is demonstrative of God’s beauty, goodness, and truth, she presents

a case for how Providence can take steps to promote diversity.

Taylor Eastes

Taylor Eastes is the oldest son of Ron and Stephanie Eastes. He will be attending Marshall University this fall where he will study Digital Forensics. His favorite thing about Providence is how the schoolwork has made him think and work hard, and how the small size of the school has enabled him to make close friends here.  His thesis:

“Finding a Cure: Possible Change for Group Purchasing Organizations”

Taylor’s thesis identifies business practices that block pharmaceutical competition and keep drug prices high, specifically the GMO organizations acting as middlemen between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. He proposes solutions to assist in lowering the prices of American medications.

Kris Einboden

Kris is the son of Allan and Kelly Einboden.  He plans on attending Brigham Young University in Idaho in the fall.  His thesis title was “Auschwitz: The Ignored, Forgotten, and Overlooked.”

John Fasolino

John is the son of Edward and Debbie Fasolino.  He is planning to study Finance at Texas A&M University.  His favorite thing about Providence is the friendships and community.  John’s thesis abstract:

“There’s No Time For a Break: Can Resistance Training Slow the Loss of Bone Mineral Density and Prevent Osteoporosis?”

John’s thesis examines the effect of resistance training on Bone Mineral Density in adolescents aged 13-18 years old. His research demonstrates that early training habits impact later loss of BMD and can potentially prevent osteoporosis. He proposes solutions to improve adolescent health, increasing longevity and quality of life.

Erika Hall

Erika is the daughter of Brandon and Karin Hall.  She plans to attend Syracuse University and study linguistics and computer science.  Her fondest memory of Providence is of dancing and playing spoons at the 2018 Spring Formal.  For her senior thesis, she presented on how culture and language can impact a person’s understanding of Scripture.  

McKinley Kasberg

McKinley Kasberg is the daughter of Tim and Sheri Kasberg. McKinley looks forward to attending a gap year called Kanakuk Link Year in the fall. Her favorite thing about the Providence community is all the amazing teachers that have impacted her life over the last three years. McKinley will always look back on her time at Providence with all of its challenges, including her thesis. She wrote her senior thesis over the connection between modern-day presidential communication and Twitter using former presidents who have communicated effectively for communication.

Whit Palmer

Whit Palmer is the son of Alan and Michelle Palmer.  Whit plans on studying aircraft maintenance at either Metro Tech in Oklahoma City or TSTC in Waco.  A favorite memory from Providence is being questioned by church staff if he was a student because his beard made him look too old. Whit’s senior thesis:

“Putting the Wild Back in Your Child: Improving Education through Outdoor Experience”

Whit’s thesis investigates the decrease in time spent outdoors by today’s children. Since children spend a large percentage of their time at school, Whit proposes incorporating outdoor activities during school and using school as a platform to inspire children to experience nature for themselves.


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