Senior Thesis Week

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On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (Mar. 7-10), the Providence Seniors will be presenting their senior thesis papers. While we call them “Thesis Presentations,” but a better phrase might be “Thesis Celebrations,” as these students already have much celebrate. Why?

  • They’re approaching the end of a long process. The students began the process with a research paper their Junior year, and then they begin transforming these papers into well-crafted arguments. The thesis paper is at least 10 pages long; the presentations will be slightly shorter and crafted with an audience in mind.
  • They’ve overcome obstacles. The seniors have researched their topics extensively, and only some of that research directly influences their essays (that’s the nature of research). Under Mrs. Glenn’s tutelage, the students have written about 8 drafts of the essay.
  • They’ve committed it (mostly) to memory. The seniors are allowed a couple of pages of notes for the presentations, so they have had to spend a lot of time memorizing their own words (which is a great way to refine one’s own writing).
  • They’ve considered their topic from a biblical worldview. The pre-Senior year summer reading book is Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, which shows how serious academic work can be approached from a perspective grounded in faith. In each paper, the students have considered what their topic means for the Christian.
  • They’ve found the process rewarding. I can’t speak for all of them, but several of them have told me that the process has been challenging, but worth it. While they are (understandably) a bit nervous about the presentations, they have also said that they’re excited to share their work with others.

Congratulations to the Senior class – break a leg!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3:45-4:15 John Eric Brown

“It’s a Musical World: How a Return to Classical

Music Education Can Preserve Order amidst Chaos”


4:15-4:45 Compton McMurry

“Art and Algebra: Revisiting Arithmetic, Geometry, and Other Useless Studies”


5:00-5:30 Miranda Williams

“Talk to the Hand: Achieving the Best School Option for Deaf Students”


5:30-6:00 Danny Rognlie

“12 Million Names: The Terrifying Effects of Holocaust Denial”


Thursday, March 9, 2017

3:45-4:15 Audrey Godley

“Cheaper than Therapy: The Role of Exercise and Community

In Alleviating Depression”


4:15-4:45 Ben Ringle

“The Cup Runneth Over: Why We Must Pay Attention to the

Advertising Claims of Sports Drinks”


5:00-5:30 Hannah Menn

“Vivisection Exposed: A Look into the Animal Testing and

Research Labs”


5:30-6:00   Emma Stacey

“GM-No?: Why Genetically Modified Foods Should be Used in

the Developing World”


Friday, March 10, 2017

3:45-4:15 Joe Stowers

“Mind the Gap: Middle-Class Prevailing Beliefs on the Subject

of a Gap Year”


4:15-4:45 Faith Stafford

“The Eyes Have It: These Beauties are Damaging Our


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