What is a “House”?

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House systems originated in England and later spread to commonwealth states. When students left home to attend boarding schools or universities, they were assigned to “houses” in which they lived, ate and socialized. Faculty members were assigned to oversee house life and provide pastoral care to students. Senior level students and junior level students were put together to allow for mentorship. Many classical upper schools still use houses today as a way to promote loyalty and learning within the school.  
At Providence, we provide the house system as an opportunity for students to enjoy school as they grow in community, service, and leadership. Houses are small communities of fifth through twelfth-grade students who socialize, compete, and serve within the larger school community.
Each student is assigned to a house (chosen by house officers and staff) upon entering upper school (5th grade and up). Our four houses are Augustine, Bonhoeffer, Elliot, and Wilberforce. 
Purposes of the Providence House System: 1. To foster a culture of kindness and unity at Providence 2. To provide structure for social interaction, particularly among different grade levels 3. To provide avenues of leadership opportunities for older students 4. To provide opportunities for healthy competition among students 5. Fun!

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