Is this a Christian school?

Yes, Providence is a Christ-centered school and all of our board, faculty, staff, and curriculum affirm our Statement of Faith. We do not, however, require applying families to affirm our Statement of Faith in order to attend the school.

Are there any discounts?

We do not offer set discounts. Families may apply for tuition assistance. We partner with ISM-FAST in the analysis of financial need.

Can co-teachers (parents) apply for faculty positions?


What are the qualifications for faculty?

See the “Employment” page.

How big will the classes be?

We are committed to small classes. Pre-K is limited to ten students, Kinder averages twelve students per adult, and the older grades average sixteen students per class. (Some elective classes may be a little bigger.)

How do you handle discipline?

We partner with parents in discipline and hope to incorporate logical consequences as much as possible. We are not looking only for behavior modification, however, but seek inward godliness so we look at every discipline problem as a chance to expose sin and remind us of our need for a Savior.

What about athletics and fine arts?

Athletics and fine arts are a central part of the school experience and we are excited to incorporate these elements into our curriculum. In our first year, we offered boys’ basketball and track for students. We have since added girls’ volleyball. Our grammar school students (6th grade and below) will have weekly lessons in music and visual arts, both subjects taught by specialized instructors. Students in seventh grade and above will have the option of an elective in either theater or visual arts. Beyond these opportunities, we recommend students participate in athletics with the CenTex Chargers and music lessons with the UMHB Conservatory or the Academie Musique at Temple College.

What is the schedule?

Lower School (4th grade and younger) meets 8 am until 2:55 pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and Upper School (5th grade and older) meets 8 am until 3:30 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

What about uniforms?

We do require simple, affordable uniforms. See the “Uniforms” tab.

How can we as co-teachers teach Latin when we have never studied it?

In Latin all new material will be taught by the professional educator and parents will review and work on memory drills at home. One of the main benefits of the blended model is how it presents a wonderful opportunity to learn something new as a family.

Will my student who has never before been schooled classically be able to keep up?

In a word, yes. Students from all academic backgrounds will benefit from the time-tested methods of the classical approach.

How much control will parents have over placement?

The school will decide on a case-by-case basis as we listen to parents’ input and utilize testing to inform placement decisions.

How can families with two working parents participate?

It’s essential that a designated co-teacher be available and involved on the home days. If both parents work, it’s possible that a grandparent or other family member could fill in this capacity.

Do you offer AP or dual-credit college courses?

We do offer AP Latin, AP English IV and dual-credit courses in economics for 12th graders through UMHB.

Will you make accommodations for students with special needs?

We will meet with parents on a case-by-case basis and make a mutual decision on whether your student would be well-served at Providence. We are very committed to serving students of all abilities, but because of our small staff size, most of the accommodations would likely take place during home days with a co-teacher.

What type of security does your facility have in place?

First Baptist Church of Belton is a secure location with cameras at all entrances and throughout the facility. All staff members are required to wear identification badges.

What about official accreditation?

Accreditation is not required by the state for college admissions. We are being mentored by accredited schools, using accredited curriculum and pursuing accreditation. The process requires three to five years of school operation, and we will begin the accreditation application process in late 2015.

Why are there so many books to purchase?

We believe that a curriculum rich in literature is nurturing to the soul and best for learning, so we’ve chosen “real” books, wherever possible, instead of textbooks. Many of the classics we’ve chosen are available inexpensively online.

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