List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Overall

    How long has Providence been around?
    Providence opened its doors in August of 2011 with 106 students.

    Are you a co-op?

    Providence is not a co-op. We are a “real” school with an alternative schedule. It’s a drop-off program so you are free to run errands, go to Bible study, exercise, or volunteer at the school if you wish!

    What do you mean when you describe Providence as a preparatory school?
    Although our rigorous curriculum has prepared many of our graduates for success in universities and colleges around the country, our primary aim is to have students that embody the traits of the Portrait of a Graduate through a rich Christian, classical education.

    What days of the week do students attend class on campus?

    Lower School (Pre-K through 4th grade) attend class on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Upper School (5th grade through 12th grade) do so on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

    Can you explain the different divisions of the school?
    There are three divisions of the school based on the Trivium, the foundation of Classical education:
    Grammar: PK-6th grades (roughly elementary school)
    Logic: 7th & 8th grades (roughly middle school)
    Rhetoric: 9th-12th grades (high school)
    Additionally, the school is divided into Lower School (PK-4th) and Upper School (5th-12th), based primarily on how many days during the week students attend classes on campus (see above). 

    In what areas do your families live? 
    We are honored to partner with families all over central Texas, with many of our families living in Bell County, including Belton, Temple, Salado, Harker Heights and Killeen, as well as Bruceville-Eddy, Coryell, McLennan, and Williamson counties.  
  • Admissions

    Are there age requirements to enter Providence?
    At the start of the school year, students must be 4 years old to attend pre-K and 5 years old to attend kindergarten.

    How much control will parents have over placement?
    The school will decide on a case-by-case basis as we listen to parents’ input and utilize testing to inform placement decisions.

    Do you make accommodations for students with special needs?

    We will meet with parents on a case-by-case basis and make a mutual decision on whether your student would be well-served at Providence. We are very committed to serving students with a range of abilities, but because of our small staff size, most of the accommodations would likely take place during home days with a co-teacher.

    Do you have waitlists for classes that may fill?
    Rather than waitlists, Providence utilizes active wait pools for any classes that may fill. If your child is placed in a wait pool and an opening becomes available, we will let you know as soon as possible to see if you would like to continue with the admissions process at that point.

    Are there part-time options?
    We are in the midst of phasing out our Encore, or part-time, program and will no longer be accepting part-time students.    
  • Teaching at Home

    How are parents equipped to teach their students at home?
    In the week before the school year begins, typically in early to mid-August, Providence holds a Co-Teacher Training week, with multiple workshops to train you in the curriculum you will be teaching your child at home. There are also several seminars intended to help you with the why and how of doing school at home, including veteran co-teacher panels and sessions covering a range of topics, such as managing multiple lesson plans or schooling with toddlers, setting up your homeschool environment, and fostering discipleship and daily spiritual disciplines at home.

    How long does schoolwork on a typical day at home take to complete?

    The time spent on schoolwork during a home day varies, depending on grade level and other factors (for example, parent-child dynamics, multiple siblings, or young children at home). Understandably, days may be longer early in the school year as routines are established and may last at least as long as a campus day (sometimes longer or shorter, depending, again, on the above factors). The days may shorten as the student and co-teacher become more accustomed to curriculum expectations and rhythms.

    Will my student who has never before been schooled classically be able to keep up?

    In a word, yes. We do have a very rigorous, college preparatory program, but students from many academic backgrounds will benefit from the time-tested methods of the classical approach. Completion of our “regular” classes in the upper school will prepare our students to take AP exams, but as our friends at Live Oak School say, there are three pillars of learning. One is God-given intellect; the other, more important ones are a student’s attitude and work ethic and the support of their parents. We believe that there is no better option for students with a range of abilities than the time-tested Classical approach in combination with one-on-one parent co-teaching at home.

    How can families with two working parents participate?

    It is essential that a designated co-teacher be available and involved on the home days. If both parents work, it is possible that a grandparent or other family member could fill in this capacity.

    How can we as co-teachers teach Latin when we have never studied it?
    In Latin, all new material will be taught by the professional educator, and parents will review and work on memory drills at home. One of the main benefits of the blended model is how it presents a wonderful opportunity to learn something new as a family.
  • Tuition and Payment

    Do you have tuition payment options available?
    We have three payment options: one annual payment, two semester payments, or eleven monthly payments. We partner with the Blackbaud Tuition Management System to manage tuition and fee payments.

    Are there any discounts or tuition assistance available?
    We do not offer set discounts. We have a limited amount of tuition assistance due to our value-based pricing model; most tuition assistance is reserved for current families. However, families may apply for tuition assistance. We partner with Blackbaud in the analysis of financial need.

    Can I roll the tuition deposit into one of the payment plans?
    In order to reserve your child’s spot, the tuition deposit must be paid in full within ten business days of receiving an offer of acceptance and enrollment and cannot be rolled into one of the payment plans.

    Do you offer refunds for any fees or tuition if a student withdraws?
    Refunds on fees and tuition are not available. As stated in our Enrollment Commitment Form/Contract: “All tuition and fees at Providence are based on an estimated cost of providing the educational services of the school to all enrolled students. By signing and returning an enrollment contract, we reserve a place for your student (as space is available) and you pledge to Providence that you will pay the costs associated with schooling your child so that we can meet the budget of our school. We employ faculty and administrative staff in accordance with the number of students enrolled and must honor those salary commitments whether or not a student withdraws from the school. Refunds are not available.” Providence relies solely on tuition income to meet operating expenses. Therefore, it is necessary that the financial obligations of enrollment be for the entire school year.
  • Campus Environment

    Do you require uniforms?
    We do require simple, modest uniforms, purchased through Lands’ End.

    What do students do for lunch?

    Students bring lunches to campus. School-wide “fun lunches” are held once per month.

    What role does standardized testing play at your school?
    We use Educational Records Bureau Comprehensive Testing Protocol (ERB CTP) for standardized testing, starting in 2nd grade, as it is a “low stakes” exam intended to inform decisions regarding the curriculum, as well as classroom instruction. Students do not receive prep for the assessment.

    How do you handle discipline?

    We partner with parents in discipline and hope to incorporate logical consequences as much as possible. We are not looking only for behavior modification, however, but seek inward godliness so we look at every discipline problem as a chance to expose sin and remind us of our need for a Savior.

    What type of security does your facility have in place?
    First Baptist Church of Belton is a secure location with locked entrances to the campus and cameras at all entrances and throughout the facility. All staff members and parents are required to wear identification badges while on campus.

    Can co-teachers (parents) apply for faculty positions?
    Yes. You are welcome to visit the Employment page on our website.
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Providence Preparatory is an accredited, private PK-12 school
partnering with families in Belton, Temple, Salado, Killeen, Harker Heights,

and the Greater Central Texas Area to provide their students a rich Christian and classical education.