What to Expect: Fifth Grade

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We have chapel each school day. Chapel includes scripture memory, geographical prayer focus, and hymns.  We recite in chapel once each semester.

Special classes are P.E., Music, Art and Latin.  We have P.E. daily.  We have music first semester and sing in the fall program.  We have art second semester culminating with the End of School Art Show.  We have Latin on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students are placed in a Latin class based on their prior Latin instruction.  Fifth graders have a study hall period on Fridays to help with the transition from lower school to upper school.

Our Bible readings come from:

  • Genesis
  • Joshua
  • Big Truths for Young Hearts
  • Do Hard Things

Memory work includes:

  • The Road Not Taken
  • The Bones
  • Assorted scriptures

Our science instruction is from these Delta Science Modules:

  • You and Your Body: Students make a life-sized paper body while they learn about each system.
  • The Moon and the Sun: Students learn about the interactions between the Earth, moon and sun.
  • Flight and Rocketry: Students assemble and experiment with various flying machines and explore the fundamentals of flight.

Teacher chapter book read alouds may include: The Brown Faerie Book and My Side of the Mountain

Students also may read the following Literature Circle books together at school: Carry on Mr. Bowditch, The Hobbit, The Princess and Curdie.

The poets that we study in fifth grade are: Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost.

We read these stories from Shakespeare: Macbeth and All’s Well that Ends Well.

Parents of first through sixth graders read a variety of quality children’s literature selections as family read alouds each year.  We celebrate the completion of each book with a book party.  This year’s selections are Time Cat, Homer Price, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang and Quintus.

Language arts skills learned through Shurley Grammar, Level 5 and US History-based Writing Lessons (IEW) i

We continue to practice spelling words and review all spelling rules. We use cursive in our written work in the fifth grade.

In Math we use Saxon 7/6.  We introduce new math skills, while constantly reviewing past concepts taught.  We also emphasize  math vocabulary and solidifying math facts.

Fifth graders study the same historical time period as the rest of the school.  Our history curriculum uses Story of the  World as a key text along with children’s literature and historical articles found online. Learning activities, memory work, and geography study based on the weekly history topic are part of our weekly routine. Each year we rotate through one of the four time periods: Ancients, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern.

Each fifth grade student is invited to bring his own healthy snack every school day.

Some of our special events may include:

  • Bell County History Museum
  • Paper Bodies

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