What to Expect: Pre-K

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Each school day starts with chapel. Chapel includes scripture memory, geographical prayer focus, and hymns.  We recite in chapel once each semester.


Special classes are Music and Art.  We have art in the first semester, culminating with the Art Show, and music in the second semester, culminating in sharing what we learn with parents.


We read Bible stories from Eager Reader Bible: Stories to Grow On and The King James Version Bible.


Bible memory includes:             Ten Commandments Song         Old and New Testament Books


We read a variety of outstanding literature to the children through the Before Five In a Row curriculum.  Science, geography, and history study are based on the books we read each week.


Units we study are based on our literature:

Blueberries for Sal                                        Caps for Sale

Runaway Bunny                                            Prayer for a Child

The Snowy Day                                              Big, Green Pocketbook

Corduroy                                                         Angus Lost

The Carrot Seed                                             I Am an Artist

Katy No-pocket                                              The Little Rabbit

Play With Me                                                  Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Ask Mr. Bear                                                   If Jesus Came to My House

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt                        ABC Bunny

Goodnight Moon


Families may read from Nursery Rhyme Treasury at home.


Students who are ready to read progress through a series of phonics-based readers (Bob Books) at their own pace.


We lay foundations for spelling, reading, and writing by learning the sounds of single letter phonograms.  Handwriting Without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me is the basis for our handwriting instruction.


In Math, we use Saxon Math: K Home Study Kit.   We use a variety of “hands-on” experiences with manipulatives along during our center time.   We learn to count to 100 by 1s, 10s and 5s; and count down from 10.


Daily, we spend 30-40 minutes outside during two recess times, weather permitting.  We have nap time in the afternoon.   Each Pre-K student is asked to bring his own nap mat.   Parents sign up to provide snack for the class 3-4 days per semester.


We have 40 minutes of center time where the children may choose from a variety of learning activities.


Some of our field trips and                               Pumpkin Patch in the Fall

special events may include:                             Cameron Park Zoo in the Spring

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